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Siding is the exterior material applied to house walls or any other type of building. Siding companies in the quad cities use them to shed water for walls protection from weather effects and are essential for structure aesthetics. Some walls which include masonry veneer, solid brickwork can not be covered with siding. However, some building like the log buildings may have sidings added.

Siding can be made of vertical or horizontal boards, sheet materials or shingles. In every case avoidance of both rain infiltration and wind through joints is a big challenge which can be met by simply overlapping, sealing and covering joints or interlocking joint creation. Interlocking joints include groove, rabbet or tongue. Since all building materials expands and also contracts as humidity and temperatures changes making rigid joints between the siding elements is not practical and they will therefore leak. Rain screens are used to improve the sidings ability of keeping walls dry.

Sidings can be made of metal, wood, plastic composite materials or masonry. You can attach a siding directly to your building structures or even to intermediate layers of wood. You can also apply an intermediate moisture or air barrier like a house wrap or even a felt paper to the sheathing or modern sheathing material.

siding companies in the quad cities

Types of siding services
• Woods siding installation
Siding contractors find wood siding usable in various building structures due to its very versatile nature. They paint them or even stain them in the color that you desire. Wood siding installation and repair is simple but it requires more maintenance that all the other popular solutions. It will require treatment after every four to nine years depending on the severity on the many elements it is exposed to. Some of the threats to wood sidings include termites and ants. Treatment and maintaining wood sidings increases their cost in the pest infested areas.
• Shingles installation
The siding had a wide usage in early England constructions.
• Clapboards installation
Clapboards are wood sidings in overlapping horizontal rows. Some siding companies in quad cities offers this service. The sidings are also called bevel sidings when made of beveled boards which are usually thin at the top and thick at the base. Rot resistant woods, which include cedar and redwood also are a good source of material for this form of siding.
• Drop siding installation
Drop sidings will come in several face finishes, which include Dutch lap and log siding.
• Vertical siding installation

siding companies in the Quad CitiesA vertical siding can feature a cover over the joint.
• Wooden sheet sidings installation
Siding contractors can also use plywood sidings on inexpensive buildings and sometimes with some grooves to imitate the vertical ship lap sidings. A good example of the grooved plywood sidings is the texture 1-11 (tee one eleven). Reverse board and batten (RBB) is another product that is similar to plywood but it has deeper grooves. Some of these products are thick enough and have a good rating for the structural applications if the installer fastens them properly to studs. The siding companies find the installation of these sidings very easy as long as they have compatible flashing at the butt.
• Stone sidings installation
Many buildings with slate shingles are highly decorative although the slate shingles are simple in form. Most quad cities siding companies will offer this siding installation service.
• Masonry siding installation
Siding contractors will sometimes consider Masonry veneer and stones to be sidings. These types of sidings have variations and can also accommodate various styles which include rustic and formal. Siding installers in the Quad Cities can paint or tint masonry to match several color palettes, they mostly suit to the neutral earth tones and coatings, which include pebble dashes and roughcast. Masonry sidings have a very high durability and can go for over 100 years. Furthermore, they require very little maintenance and the only drawback to this type of siding is its initial cost.
• Composite siding installation
There are many composite materials which quad city siding companies can use. These materials include asbestos, asphalt shingles, aluminum, fiber cement, hardboard and fiberboard. These materials can be either in form of boards or shingles also known as clapboards. You can find composite sidings in various styles and some mimic other siding options. Composite sidings facilitate quick achievement of a look or style and mostly those not suited to the local environment. For example, corrugated aluminum siding may not be applicable in the areas highly prone to storms and steel in the coastal climates and Wood sidings in areas prone to termite infestations.